About Us

Polyfoam Corporation has been a leading United States manufacturer of molded plastics for forty years.  We combine our engineering expertise, our technically advanced molding techniques, and our commitment to quality into high-value, cost-effective solutions that help businesses meet their goals.  Whether designing an insulated container for shipping pharmaceuticals or fresh fish, components for electronics or household goods, or an insulating concrete form for constructing buildings, we put our customers’ needs first.

We also help organizations of all sizes maximize the value of our products by integrating other services.  ISTA-certified stress and thermal testing can be readily conducted to determine if a package meets its quality, shipping and qualification requirements.  Complementary materials and items can be incorporated to complete a product.  A wide range of fulfillment services allows our customers to reduce their labor costs.  And our extensive warehouse and inventory management provides flexibility and peace of mind.

Over the years, we’ve also developed an extensive array of stock items for immediate packaging, handling and shipping requirements.  From corner pads to wine pack shippers, temperature-sensitive packaging to our THERMALOK® brand of insulated containers, we can satisfy a huge range of business needs with quick turn-around.

Our Mission

Our mission at Polyfoam is to provide our customers with products that exceed their expectations.  Each order is a customer’s investment in the Polyfoam team, and we will live up to our commitments.  The strength of any team comes from the drive of its players, so we will create a secure and safe environment for our employees.  We will generate increased profits for both our customers and ourselves while preserving our environment and enhancing our community.

Our Locations

Polyfoam provides our customers national coverage all in one package.  Through our own capabilities and partnerships throughout the US, we are able to meet our customers’ needs for engineering design, thermal and stress testing, molding, fabricating, and a whole array of value-added services.