By adhering to the highest standards in each of the areas below, we deliver products which display our and our customers’ commitment to civic responsibility and environmental awareness.

EPS and the Environment

Strength, insulation properties, light weight and superior cushioning are all characteristics most people associate with EPS. What’s equally important is that EPS can be recycled and reused in several different ways. Foam molders, such as Polyfoam Corporation, have been committed to recycling and to creating products which can be re-used, saving money and further contributing to environmental quality. In addition, innovative design techniques are contributing to source reduction efforts, lessening the need for raw materials, reducing landfill space requirements and lowering product costs for manufacturers and consumers.


EPS Industry AllianceThe Expanded Polystyrene Industry Alliance (EPS-IA), of which Polyfoam is a member, is a group representing every major manufacturer of EPS foam, raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers. Established in 1991, the AFPR is committed to EPS waste minimization through the promotion of an industry-wide infrastructure to collect and recycle post-consumer EPS. Today, through the Alliance’s efforts, there are over 250 collection sites available for post-consumer EPS all across the US.

With continued progress being made in reuse, recycling and source reduction, EPS is becoming an even more attractive alternative for packaging, insulated containers, and other applications. Strength, light weight, insulation and environmental awareness – together, they make EPS the world’s best choice for packaging and other applications.

Polyfoam and the Environment

Polyfoam demonstrates its commitment to environmental quality in the materials it uses, its manufacturing processes and its design philosophies.


We start with efficient product designs that utilize as little material as possible, while still maintaining functional integrity. Through source reduction, we minimize solid waste.


We take advantage of foam’s durability to design reusable products that reduce waste (and save money).


We utilize foams which can be recycled both at our facilities and around the world.

Where appropriate, we incorporate post-consumer recycled content.


We take our commitment to the environment, and to manufacturing and product safety very seriously. We have a full-time safety and compliance engineering staff whose goal is to make sure we meet or exceed our goals in this area, and our history and record for compliance has been exemplary.