Polyfoam Corporate Sustainability

Since Polyfoam Corporation first began operations more than four decades ago we have dedicated wide-ranging efforts toward being the best we can be in how we treat our entire community and surroundings. We recognize the importance of preserving our environment, and of partnering with our workforce, our customers, our suppliers and beyond - all of which leads to a better quality of life on all fronts. This is reflected in our ISO 9001 commitment to continuous improvement across all facets of our operations. It is further reflected in our current Mission Statement which was adopted years ago and remains a guiding principle today

Polyfoam corporate sustainability
View from our corporate headquarters in Massachusetts
“Through all of our partnerships we consistently look for ways to better meet sustainability goals. Though we may not have recognized it as sustainability years ago, it’s been our focus since Day One. As a result, we have designed and produced countless products, processes and programs that are environmentally, socially and economically exceptional - within our own facilities and our entire community.”Tom Coz, President

Environmental Responsibility

How well we protect our planet is critically important to us at Polyfoam. This comes into play in product design and how we manage our facilities and resources during production and distribution. We consider ourselves stewards of the environment and consistently work toward reducing our footprint and bettering our internal and external surroundings.

Product Design

We partner with our customers to develop a holistic solution – one that optimizes a product’s use, efficiency and efficacy on all fronts. This means not only designing a product that is effective but one that holds true to sustainability. Material reduction, recyclability, and reusability – it’s all given serious consideration throughout the design process.

Facilities Management

We have a number of goals and incentive programs throughout our organization aimed at reducing our impact on the environment. We constantly focus on ways to lower energy use, increase efficiency, increase recycling, reuse utilities, identify and use alternative types of energy, and produce zero waste throughout our plants – all to continuously lower our environmental footprint.
Polyfoam Environmental Responsibility
Local Consumer Brings EPS Foam to Polyfoam for Recycling
Polyfoam Recycling
“I’m proud to say Polyfoam has always been dedicated to environmental sustainability. We have numerous initiatives within our facilities and the industry aimed at zero waste, lowering energy use and carbon emissions, and increasing recycling. Polyfoam is a nationally recognized recycling location for certain foams, and we take in thousands of pounds annually from both businesses and consumers – which are then recycled or upcycle into other products.”Donna Boissonneault, Sustainability Management

Social Responsibility

How we better the lives of our internal and extended Polyfoam community is of utmost importance. We recognize that our existence is not just about producing parts, but about building an environment that is comfortable, safe and positive.

Polyfoam Family

Above all we strive to make life at Polyfoam a positive experience for each and every member of our workforce. We focus diligently on the health, safety and wellbeing of individuals. We also have a number of incentive and reward programs aimed at recognizing efforts and aligning all of our internal goals. We want each individual to feel valued and fulfilled, and be happy to be part of our organization.


We believe in community outreach and our local community is a true extension of our family. We partner with local organizations and schools to provide services, scholarships and financial assistance, and donate regularly to a number of causes. We have a longtime partnership with Open Sky Community Services, a local agency aimed at improving the lives of persons with disabilities. We employ a number of individuals in support of their work program, and regularly donate funds to the organization.
Polyfoam Socail Responsibility
Local Fire Department Participates in Bell Ringing Ceremony for Polyfoam Employee’s Son Lost Battling a Fire
Polyfoam community
“We realize how important our community is – not just our working family but our extended community within the neighborhood, our customers and suppliers, and beyond. Inside Polyfoam where I can make the biggest impact I love seeing how we operate and support the local community. I’m extremely proud to have been instrumental in getting our Open Sky program up and running twenty years ago - every day we have adults with disabilities working here as part of our family which has a tremendous positive impact on everyone.”Mark Matthews, Plant Manager

Economic Responsibility

The financial well-being of Polyfoam, our workforce, customers, suppliers, and extended community is critical to the success of all parties. The partnerships we create throughout our entire stakeholder community allow us to better ensure that success. We strive to impact our customers’ businesses through better, more economical and more sustainable designs and solutions that provide exceptional, cost-effective solutions for us all. The stronger we are as companies the more we can ensure our longevity and our long-term commitment to our community and our environment.

Polyfoam economic Responsibility
Polyfoam’s ISTA-Certified Test Lab Services Helps Customers Quickly Bring Perfected Products to Market
Polyfoam partnership
“We are firm believers in partnerships with our customers so we can help them to be successful and profitable. The current buzzword may be sustainability but it’s always been part of our ongoing philosophy to design the optimal part for our customer - a part that meets their needs while reducing damages, labor, freight, etc., and in turn allows them to be more profitable. It’s part of our Mission Statement, and we take that very seriously.”Dan Valliere, Senior Vice President

Polyfoam Awards

We have won numerous awards for our work with the community and our customers. Twice Polyfoam has been awarded Employer of the Year by Alternatives Unlimited (now Open Sky Community Services) and been recognized by the state of Massachusetts for that award. We have received numerous commendations for our safety record. Polyfoam has also been recognized by some of our national accounts as Supplier of the Year. Internally we have reached a number of milestones including being the first foam molder in the U.S. to become ISO 9001 registered over twenty years ago, and continue to make strides in this area, not only with quality but with a continuous improvement philosophy in everything we do.

Polyfoam economic Responsibility
Massachusetts Commonwealth Recognizes Polyfoam as Employer of the Year for work with Alternatives (Open Sky)