Bizzy Bee Farms Feeder Has Beekeepers Buzzing

A local beekeeper and expert from Bizzy Bee Farms (BBF) was having difficulties finding ways to properly feed their bees. He had purchased a number of different styles of feeders for the farm’s colonies but was disappointed in each of them. He decided to design a feeder with features and functions that would help manage the hives more effectively. The idea for the Bizzy Bee Feeder was born.

After researching products throughout the world, BBF found that EPS engineered foam feeders were very commonly used throughout Europe and Australia. With a basic design in hand the farm turned to Polyfoam to help incorporate the numerous features into the design, and to mold the product. The overall goal of the project was to develop a feeder that would help backyard beekeepers become more successful at hive management. The requirements to meet this goal were the incorporation of eight unique features. BBF also wanted the product to be manufactured in the U.S. With a large team of multi-disciplined engineers and years of experience manufacturing in New England, Polyfoam was the perfect partner for the project.

Integrating so many features was no easy task, as each one had unique geometric requirements. Further compounding the complexity, the finished product also had to work within the confines of tooling and molding – and each feature presented its own challenges and difficulties. Numerous prototypes were built as design changes were incorporated and eventually the team had a replica of the product with each and every one of the eight required elements. From there a tool was built, the final feeder was molded, and hive management at Bizzy Bee Farms and for backyard beekeepers everywhere has never been easier.

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