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Getting products delivered directly to our homes has become a widespread practice in the grocery arena. Companies that deliver fresh and frozen foods want to ensure that every product arrives to the exact expectations of each customer. Polyfoam has been working with one of the largest grocery delivery companies in the US for years to help them meet their goal of offering fresh, high quality products in an economical manner. Recently the two teams worked together to find a new reusable delivery solution that offered exceptional product protection.

The key components of the new system included an ambient tote for room-temperature items, a chill/frozen tote for refrigerator/freezer items, and a chill/frozen gel bottle to help maintain the proper temperature within a tote. All three modules were to complement each other in design, fit and branding, be simple and easy to use, conform to operations all along the channel of product movement, and be cost-effective. Additionally, everything needed to be continuously reusable for a true sustainable practice.

grocery delivery packaging
Grocery Delivery packaging

In developing the system Polyfoam brought cold chain shipping expertise along with the ability to design and manufacture both the injection-molded ambient tote and the expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam chill/frozen tote. With their customer’s extensive knowledge of home delivery and operations, their combined skillsets were unmatched. As they had done in the past, the team worked to meet the demanding design and functionality criteria.

Polyfoam’s added capability to rapid-prototype parts allowed for quick performance testing and design perfections so the project could move along in an efficient and productive manner and meet tight deadlines.  Polyfoam’s ISTA-certified thermal test lab further sped development along, as a grocery delivery could immediately be replicated in an in-house chamber using a prototype and a winter or summer temperature profile.  The end result was the optimal delivery solution created in a timely manner through an unrivaled partnership.  And today there are a lot of happy customers whose products are arriving fresh and in perfect condition.

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