Custom Product Packaging

Innovative Package Design, Innovative Solutions
Two great things happened when Polyfoam began working with Thompson/Center Arms: Polyfoam’s engineers developed an innovative design style for universal packaging, and Polyfoam brought the local Alternatives group into its family.

For years, a 2-piece style – molded EPS base and a fabricated EPS lid – was the standard package design in the armament industry. However, when it came time to work with Thompson/Center Arms on a project, Polyfoam’s engineers devised inventive and complex features to redesign a package that more than met the requirements Thompson/Center Arms was seeking. The new design eliminated the fabricated lid altogether, fit multiple guns, and housed the product in an attractive manner – all resulting in cost and labor savings for the customer, and a reusable pack for the end user/owner.

custom product packaging
At the same time, Thompson/Center Arms asked if Polyfoam could also manage the outer cartons and assemble the packages with the foam inside the carton. Polyfoam had been looking for ways to partner with Alternatives, a local agency aimed at improving the lives of persons with disabilities, and this was the perfect start. The Alternatives group began working at Polyfoam each day to assemble the corrugated packaging and place the foam inside. This was a win-win arrangement for everyone involved.

Polyfoam has since expanded its custom firearm packaging items to several other companies and in turn has provided ongoing work for numerous individuals at Alternatives.