DraftCap Attic Stair Insulator

Many states have adopted energy building codes that include insulating the attic stair opening—indicated by the Department of Energy as a big hole which can allow for living area heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. A local construction company had an idea for a simple, lightweight product to insulate the opening and save homeowners energy. They came to Polyfoam for help with the engineering and execution for their product—DraftCap.

Previously, the builder had been using a multi-piece solution to cover the opening and satisfy the building code. However, that method was big and bulky, costly, and involved a great deal of labor on-sit. Other solutions available at retail were expensive, cumbersome, and had minimal insulating value.

The new concept called for a single piece cap that had a high insulating value yet was lightweight, simple to use and cost-effective. The Polyfoam engineering team took the builder’s concept and a developed a foam design the met all the criteria. The end result was a success. The product was patented and put up for sale to other builders and homeowners through building supply stores and draftcap.com. Today, there are homes all across the US that are saving energy thanks to the DraftCap attic stair insulator.

For more information or to purchase DraftCap, check out their website: https://draftcap.com/

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