EPS Foam for Medical Products

Innovative Insert-Molding Saves Time and Money
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics manufactures high-value blood analysis equipment for the medical industry. Previous to working with Polyfoam, they were experiencing problems due to internal condensation.To solve the problem they needed to find a way to insulate an internal part so that condensation would no longer cause issues and to fit the internal part with several pieces of EPS foam to keep it completely covered.

eps foam medical product insulationInstead of designing a multi-part EPS foam solution, Polyfoam’s engineering team took on the challenge of finding a better way. The answer was to find a way to take the parts that needed insulating and overmold them with the foam – no easy task. Working carefully with the customer, Polyfoam’s manufacturing team and toolmakers, the engineers developed a way to do just that, and the internal component was insulated in one step. By overmolding, Polyfoam saves the customer labor, machine downtime and puts more to the bottom line.