Injection Molded Product Solution

Complex Engineering Solutions
The injection molded design of a Trigger Guard for pistols was a complex engineering challenge. Gun packaging and component design presents a rare set of hurdles due to the highly confidential nature of the business. Both the drawings and the physical guns are virtually impossible to obtain so there is a great deal of design work that has to be done through some creative means.

trigger guardWith this project, the guns could not leave the local firearm shop, as they were not Massachusetts compliant. Instead, Polyfoam’s engineering team traveled to the shop to examine and measure the guns in order to make a sample guard for the customer.

Our Customer wanted one molded part to fit two different pistols so all of the unique features of each gun had to be incorporated into the guard, while the fit on each remained accurate. After several iterations, Polyfoam’s engineering team produced an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) prototype. These prototypes speed up the design process due to shorter lead-times, and are dimensionally accurate so they are perfect for determining if fit requirements are met. Through the innovative methods employed by the engineering team, Polyfoam was able to develop an injection molded universal part for both guns that worked perfectly and met all of the customer’s needs.