Expanding the Family

In 2001, a great partnership began between Polyfoam and Alternatives Unlimited (now Open Sky). Polyfoam had a new project that included a secondary packing operation and needed a way to staff and manage it. At the same time Alternatives—a local agency aimed at improving the lives of persons with disabilities—was looking for employment opportunities for several individuals. Thus began a winning relationship between the two organizations.

Historically, the products Polyfoam provided were all engineered foam parts that were delivered to customers bulk-packed. A new customer asked Polyfoam if they could instead deliver a kitted pack that involved assembling a retail carton and placing a foam part inside that carton. All the customer then had to do was drop in their product and it was ready for sale.

Polyfoam approached Alternatives to see if it might be a good fit for their individuals and it was exactly the type of work they desired. A group of them began kitting products at Polyfoam each day and they became part of the family.

That project has since ended but Polyfoam always finds new ones to keep the now Open Sky group employed. The company also supports Open Sky by donating to the organization on an ongoing basis. Both Polyfoam and Open Sky look forward to many years together in the future.

To learn more about Open Sky and how you can support them check out their website: https://www.openskycs.org/professionals/index.html

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