Packaging for the Seafood Industry

Sustainable Packaging for Seafood
How sustainable a package is depends on a number of things including how effective it is, its weight and how well it fits on a truck. EPS foam is the perfect solution for the seafood industry, as its high insulating value protects the fish and keeps it at the proper temperature during transit.

seafood shipping packagingAdditionally, the lightweight nature of foam provides more economical shipment – the lighter the weight of the load, the less fuel needed for transport.

A third key factor – maximizing truck capacity – was dramatically changed by the engineers at Polyfoam who refused to settle for creating a me-too product. For years, a line of containers had been used by the industry for certain types of fish. When asked to build tools for those containers, however, Polyfoam thought it was time to revisit the specifications and see if improvements could be made. As a result, they instead developed a container line that fit the fish perfectly, maximized the footprint on a pallet which in turn maximized the usage of the truck. The result was a new product line quickly adopted by the industry – it increased the number of fish in each shipment, reduced the number of trucks on the road and ultimately lowered the customers’ costs.