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stock container linersWith their exceptionally light weight and high insulating value, EPS coolers have long been used to protect pharmaceuticals and specialty foods during shipping. To create a custom item, however, takes time and can be costly. So years ago, Polyfoam decided to invest and create the THERMALOK line of stock coolers for customers’ immediate use. The product line has superior features, and today there is a wide range of sizes to accommodate shipping needs.

Historically, all of the Polyfoam’s products were custom-designed for a customer’s needs. However, with an ever-increasing demand for single-parcel shipments of temperature-sensitive products, Polyfoam decided to invest in the development of the Thermalok line of containers. Several features were incorporated for a superior cooler:

  • Full 1-1/2” wall throughout to maximize insulation;
  • Rugged design for reusability and to withstand the stress of the single-parcel environment;
  • Friction-fit lid to ensure no air movement into/out of the pack;
  • Air channels to promote airflow within the cooler for a more uniform temperature;
  • Stand-off pads at the base of the container to further promote internal airflow and keep product removed from condensation;

The Thermalok line has provided an immediate, sustainable answer to countless customers and has safely protected everything from temperature-sensitive medications to expensive chocolates. To learn more about the sustainable of EPS foam click here. For more detail on the Thermalok line.


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