Engineering & Tooling

engineering toolingPolyfoam’s team draws on expertise from several engineering disciplines: tooling, mechanical, plastics, chemical and safety & compliance. Together with years of experience, worldwide tooling partnerships and the in-house means to create and test prototypes, our team designs superior tooling and parts in a cost-effective and timely manner.

  • We have forty years of experience in engineering and designing parts and building tools for an extensive array of product types and requirements
  • We design with SolidWorks solid modeling software, which is compatible with all major engineering design software programs
  • We have the in-house capability to reverse-engineer parts and produce prototypes for quick turnaround and accuracy
    • In-house scanning
    • In-house 3D printing
  • Our worldwide tooling sources are specially selected for each application based upon optimal fit in terms of design, materials, lead-time and cost
  • We can convert and/or adapt existing tooling to run on our equipment where necessary