Thermal Packaging Custom Solutions

Thermal Packaging Custom Solutions

The Polyfoam team has years of experience developing custom solutions to meet cold chain needs. We can mold an existing cooler design or develop a custom solution from nothing more than an idea. Whether it be 2 to 8°C, subzero, or some other unique temperature requirement, we can design and deliver the optimal thermal protection. And with our prototyping capabilities and ISTA-Certified lab we can test a container to a required profile to ensure the system will keep the payload in perfect thermal condition.  Our containers are recyclable and reusable for a sustainable solution to cold chain shipping.

We also have a full line of stock container items that readily meet thermal needs.

Stock Termal Packaging Solutions
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Complex 2-8°C Pack-out Schematic


Sample Thermal Test

Sample 48 hour summer thermal test

Technology Overview


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